Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Going Old School...

It's been a rough week at work.

We're in the middle of switching from the old systems we used to report bugs and test updates to a new system where everything is in one location. It's a lot nicer, neater, and smoother, but it's taking some getting used to and getting everything switched over has been a pain in the butt. Not only is it tedious, but, as per usual, people are forgetting to communicate, so there's been issues with duplicates and other things.

As a result, I haven't gotten much writing done.

Even if I had the free time to, I couldn't. It has recently come to the company's attention that some employees are using the internet to do personal things instead of working like they should be. As a result, they've blocked it. No more writing on my breaks and lunches - which is when I seem to get most of my ideas. I could write when I get home, but, honestly, the last thing I want to do after being on a computer all day is spend more time on the computer.

The only solutions I can come up with is to either write on my tablet, take it all in on a thumb drive, or go back to doing it old school style.

Writing on the tablet is awkward, but it can be done. However, I don't want to bring my tablet to work and be accused of playing around on it instead of working (there are others who do that, and I swear after cutting the internet, that'll be the next thing to go!).

With the thumb drive, I worry that my employers will still be able to see what I'm doing, and even though I'm doing so on breaks or lunches, they might still be upset about it. Plus, thumb drives can crash. I had it happen to it me once or twice while I was in college, and man did it suck.

As I explained in an earlier post I'm not really fond of writing with a pen or pencil and paper. My handwriting isn't the greatest, and when I get to exciting parts I tend to start dropping letters and words. In addition to that I like to go back and edit frequently as I write. And it adds an additional step, because once you get done writing everything down, you have to type it in.

However, pen and paper seems to be the only way to appease work at the moment. Maybe doing so will help my handwriting. The husband says he can transcribe everything for me. Also, if I don't write something soon I may go crazy! (Of course, because I can't write, a lot of ideas for current stories and new stories have been plaguing me lately and keeping me up at night) So I broke down and bought a notebook (college ruled) and some pencils (that way editing is easier) on Monday and I've been giving it a go ever since.

After writing on a computer for so long, it feels a little strange to go back to paper. I'm ashamed to admit that I had forgotten how to write certain letters in cursive. Like F. I kept wanting to write what is J instead. And then I was getting some of my Russian Cursive mixed up with English Cursive, which is strange because I don't really remember that much Russian anymore - but apparently I still remember some of the letters!

Writing in pencil and paper is also very nostalgic. It reminds me of the days when I was writing my fanfic during certain classes (like math) and passing it off to my best friends to read between periods or during lunch. There's been once or twice I've looked around expecting to see one of them standing nearby, waiting patiently.

But other than that, so far so good!

I took pictures of new items to add to the etsy store, but haven't uploaded them yet. I've also had an idea or two for new products to add eventually. One of which involves beetle wings from the jewel beetle. The husband says it gives him the creeps, but beetle wing jewelry and embroidery is pretty popular right now. And everything I've seen so far that uses wings from this particular beetle turns out beautifully!


(This dress is probably the most famous use of beetle wings of all)

I've also started working on my Ravenclaw scarf again. The weather is turning colder, and my Husband reminded me we have a trip to Washington coming up in a month, so I'm rushing to get that done as soon as possible! I've only got 8 stripes left, so I should be able to do it, I think!

But now on to the good stuff! WIPpet Wednesday!

WIPpet Wednesday is led by KL Schwengel. To participate, just post a part of what you're working on that somehow relates to the date. For example it could be twenty lines from chapter eleven, or eleven paragraphs from chapter twenty. Then just enter the url to your blog at this linkie thingie (very technical term, that!)

Since I haven't been able to transcribe anything I've written in the notebook, I'm going to share this bit from The Descedants. It was one of those bits that demanded I write it right now a few months ago, and it doesn't take place until book two, so it's a bit rough. **Edit** I've also remove names of certain things to prevent spoilers. *End edit*

To set it up, Vivian and her friends have ended up in what they think is the past and have become separated. However, our heroine has run into a man, who, after hearing her story, offered to take her to the local King. Unfortunately they've run into a bit of trouble on the way.

So, since today is November 20th, here is 20 paragraphs:

“I told you to run.” Blood stained his lips as he coughed.
“I did - but they caught me. I escaped and came back for you.”
“Foolish girl.”
“You’d be dead if I hadn’t.”
“I’ll be dead shortly anyways.” They could hear horses in the distance, and the baying of hounds.
“She went this way!” A man called out, his voice echoing in the mists.
“I’ll have her hide for biting me.” Another shouted.
“Run.” Gwalchmei commanded her. “Go now.”
“I’m not leaving you.” She pressed her hands against his wounds. There was so much blood! It seeped between her fingers, running in red rivulets down the back of her hand and dripping off her wrists to stain the fabric of her dress.
The horses were closer now, close enough that she could hear the branches snapping under their feet.
“Go, I can distract them.”
“Like this? How?”
“We’re close... *safeplace* is only a few miles that way. You’re small and swift. You can...”
Vivian yelped as someone grabbed the back of her cloak and threw her to the side. The back of a hand caught her jaw, twisting her face to the side as the person slapped her. She fell to the ground and scrambled backwards as she stared up at the face of the man who's arm she had bit earlier. 
“A peasant does not strike a lord without paying the...” He growled down at her.
“*name*, stop!” Gwalchmei’s voice rang out through the clearing, suddenly strong despite his injuries. “She’s my *blank*. She didn’t know who you were.”
The man towering over Vivian paled. He turned slowly to find that Gwalchmei had forced himself to his feet, and was leaning heavily against the tree at his back.
“No.” The man murmured. “You died, at Christmastime, three years ago.”
“So I’ve heard.” Gwalchmei coughed again, spitting out a mouthful of blood.
“*Horse'sName*came back to us with your armor, and no rider.” His voice gained strength and anger as he spoke. “If this is some jest...”
The baying of the hounds was growing louder around them. They burst into the clearing, a mass of sleek grey long haired beasts. To Vivian's surprise, instead of attacking Gwalchmei, they pressed about him and licked his hand, whining for his attention. He stroked their heads absently, leaving bloody streaks on their fur. “It’s no jest, brother.”

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  1. THAT DRESS. *faints*

    I'm curious about "She's my *blank*" Love your use of placeholders. I'd save a lot of time if I did that more often!

    The phrase "the local king" needs to be used more often, too. I like it.

    1. Aw, crap. I thought I explained the placeholders, but I guess I didn't! Ooops! Basically, where you see a placeholder is were I edited something out to prevent giving away too much too soon :)

  2. intrigued by the end of the excerpt.

    I do something similar with placeholders except mine are usually [xx] or [?] if it's a detail I need to look up later. :)

    1. Yeah, so, the placeholders aren't really placeholders so much as me hiding things to prevent spoilers. I've gone back and updated the post to explain that. I thought I had last night, but apparently I deleted that sentence without realizing it, or I thought I wrote it and didn't... I was pretty exhausted :P

  3. Ah, so they're spoiler spoilers and not placeholders. You sly ... :D This is a tense excerpt. I was on the edge of my seat and gritting my teeth in pain. Wow. Lots of emotion piled in here. It grabs on and makes me want more.

    Oh, and the dress? Wow.

    1. Yes :) If I had left them in, it would have given away who Gwalchmei really is, and we can't have that now!

  4. Vivian can't win, can she? Though, I'm really interested to know what this other man and Gwalchmei have in common really. And how it may help Vivian in the long run...

    Sorry to hear about the writing issue. Though, I know exactly what you mean about the trading fanfics in math class. That's when Shan and I used to trade them a lot too. So, I have to confess that I read some of your work/writing woes with a bit of a "Cool! Notebook time!"


    1. I will never ever forget tenth grade, when Mrs. Fuelner picked up one of my - ahem- more racily imaginative bits of know-nothing Spockerotica, turned bright red, and said, "Never bring this garbage into my classroom again."

      And she never reported it, but of course I did....we had (have) stories to right (and yours will have 'Listii, RIGHT?!?!?)

    2. Unfortunately you may have to wait to find out who he is for awhile considering I just started book one this year :(

      It's nice to know I wasn't the only kid doing that. And I just found out that my god-daughter is doing it with her friends as well - some things will never change!

      Thankfully my teacher never caught me, though they came close once or twice.

  5. I have to agree with your husband. Having any kind of bug anything on me on purpose would give me the creepy-crawlies for weeks. I think if someone offered me a million dollars to let a beetle or something crawl on me I'd still turn them down. *shudders*

    1. I couldn't stand having a live bug on me (aside from lady bugs) but the beetle wings are just part of the shell, not the full beetle. There's no eyes or legs or antennae, so I'm okay with it.

      Now just to figure out a way to reinforce them...

  6. I love that dress!

    Eden already outed us for the notebooks in high school. I have a stack of others, too - freewritings I've done over the years. Someday, I'll mine them.

    I've noticed that, since I've started doing most of my writing on my laptop, my handwriting has deteriorated a little. I also know what you mean about dropped letters and words - but I do that on the computer,too.

    How lovely of your spouse to offer transcription services. Mine is a chef; he keeps us all fed. =)

    I enjoyed this excerpt and am really curious about the rumors of death that were clearly exaggerated. And I love the placekeepers - my favorite one of mine is *Stardate: Bloop de Bloop". I really don't want to figure out the stardate....I love that phrase so much!

    I hope the writing situation irons out sooner rather than later!

    1. I have a few notebooks from high school scattered around the house - mainly Dragonriders of Pern fanfics and Nightworld/Secret Circle cross over fanfics.

      My husband also cooks in addition to offering his transcription services - I think I'll keep him ;)

  7. That IS a very pretty dress.

    I like your excerpt a lot. =0) Very tense and lots of fun.

    1. Isn't it? Rumor is it inspired the Queen's dress in Brave :D

  8. Your placeholders made me smile at first, but then I got caught up in what was happening. I feel your pain. I dislike writing by hand myself. However, I'll let you in on an ugly truth. Everyday I write my son's aid a note. I've been doing this for six years. My handwriting still sucks and hasn't improved. In fact, some days it gets worse than ever.

    1. Well, hopefully, writing everyday should keep it from deteriorating further :)

      And yes, that situation is a very tense one, and it's a long time before things get better. Both Gwalchmei and Vivian have very troubled pasts and futures. But at least they have each other to help them through it.