Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Progress and a Little Bit of Fic...

My writing mojo came back earlier this week, and so I've started plugging away at The Undying Ones again. I'm currently working on Chapter 9, which consists of rewriting a lot of old dialogue that refers to events that haven't happened yet or won't happen at all in this most recent draft. Oh, the joys of moving scenes around.

In addition to that, it occurred to me that two characters were were originally kitchen boys should probably be lords instead. And then it occurred to me that they should be cousins to the Queen who has been missing/presumed dead all these years. This would explain why they care so much about the Queen, and would smooth out the conversation that Mattie has with the King in chapter 7.

However, turning the characters from kitchen boys into lords means I have to go back and re-write some scenes, yet again.

*insert grimace here*

But on to happier subjects! It's Wednesday, which of course, means another snippet of a WIPpet I'm working on!

I was going to share more from chapter 9 of The Undying Ones, but I quickly realized that that wouldn't do, since a lot of the dialogue isn't relevant anymore. I would share more of the Descendants, but then I realized that I haven't worked on that in awhile, and I don't want to give away too much of chapter 1. The adult contemporary story is nowhere near sharing yet - especially considering that it might be undergoing yet another re-write soon. Ooof.

So, instead of all of that, I have decided to share a little snippet of one of the fanfics I play around with when I need a break from my other stories.

If you're a fan of Anne McCaffrey, you might have picked up one of her Dragonriders of Pern books. I'm a bit obsessed, so I have them all (except for her son's) and I reread them regularly. My poor copy of Dragonflight is so beat up that I had to reinforce it with packaging tape! However, out of all the books, the Harper Hall trilogy holds a special place in my heart, because I identified with Menolly so much when I was younger. As I've gotten older though, I found myself becoming more and more fascinated by Domick, who was the Master of Composition at the Harper Hall. He has a handful of scenes in the series, but he is so dynamic that he just pops out at you.

Since he only has a handful of scenes in the series, and there's only one other author out there that writes fanfics about him, I decided to give him his own story to shine in. Of course, my muse decided to let him shine in a genre of fanfic that I normally avoid reading and writing like the plague: the dreaded 'fish out of water' story where the character is brought to our world and times by some freaky happenstance.

To sum up the story, Domick is on his way back from a Gather (the Pernese equivalent of a county fair) when he finds himself in our world. A woman eventually takes him in and offers him a job at the Renn Faire she runs with her niece, Norah. Pern is a feudal society, so waking up in our technologically advanced world has been quite a shock for the poor harper. This specific scene takes place later in the fic when Norah is showing him a laptop and he listens to his voice for the first time

So, without further adieu, here is 24 (9+11=20, 20+1+3=24) sentences from Between Two Worlds.

Once they were back at the Stewes, Norah left him in the living room and disappeared down the hallway towards her room. A few short moments later she returned carrying a rectangular object. It was the size of a slate, but a bit thicker and hinged on one end. She sat on one of the couches, motioned for him to sit next to her, and opened the object. The black exterior hid a glowing surface and several rows of keys, that reminded him of the odd machines he had seen on the Healer's desks in the hospital. Norah slid her finger across the base of the... thing... directing a little arrow around. Suddenly, she pushed object on to his lap. “Say something.”


“Whatever you want.”

“Fine. I am Domick from Pern.” He said. She smiled, and clicked something on the screen. Suddenly a voice from inside the rectangle repeated what his words. He glanced at her in surprise. “What was that?”


“I do not sound like that.”

“Yes, you do.” She clicked the screen again, and the voice repeated. Upon listening to it a second time he had to admit that it sounded like him, but if it really was him, than his voice was deeper than he thought. And, as he listened to it a third and final time, it almost sounded as if he was talking into a bucket. He cringed and Norah laughed.

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  1. F'nor and Canth are my all time favorites, and I regularly IMDb to see if any progress on the Dragonriders of Pern movie has been made. Alas and alack, no. *grumbles*

    It will be interesting to see how Domick does in our world.

    1. I adore F'nor myself. I always thought he was a better fit for Lessa than F'lar was at the beginning. I'm a bit partial to T'gellan and T'bor as well. I especially felt bad for T'bor and all the crap he had to deal with from Kylara - now there's a dragonman who needs a fanfic to get his happily ever after!

      I'm beginning to think that the movie will never get made as well. It's sad really. Have you seen the treatment they did when they were talking about doing a TV show? It's on one of the forums and it's interesting.

  2. I haven't read any of these books, but have wanted to. You may just be inspiring me. Also, to post to one or both of those fanfic sites. I've been writing fanfic since I was 13, maybe it's time? =)

    This was an intriguing snippet...interesting to realize that Domick never would have heard his own voice.

    I will get over to read more, this week!


    1. They're a lot of fun really. At first I thought they were fantasy, as the society is very feudal and there is no technology whatsoever. In the Harper Hall series, they had just rediscovered paper - prior to that they had been writing on hides. However, the series starts to become more sci fi by the third book (but even though the series turns sci fi, the society is still very very low tech).

      So that's why Domick has never heard his own voice before - I mean, aside from when he's speaking. But you have to admit, even though you hear yourself talking, when you hear a recording of yourself you usually sound way different than you thought you did. In fact, I admit, when they started recording some of our calls at work, I would fast forward through my parts because I hated my voice lol.

      Out of the two websites, I think may get more traffic, but An Archive Of Our Own has a lot more features. Like, you can actually download fics that you love in various formats so you can read them on whatever e-reader you use. It's awesome!

  3. I've not read any of these books but I enjoyed your snippet. It must be a very strange thing to be in a world with technology that's alien to you and to hear what you sound like for the first time!