Friday, August 16, 2013

The PCOS Diaries #3

The quest to have a baby continues...

I thought for sure that this month would be the month. We'd been praying, we had lit the fertility candle we bought when we went to Solvang a few months ago, a friend had bought a fertility bracelet for me, and another one bought a fertility goddess keychain for us in Hawaii. Surely good things were bound to happen.

However, I was still afraid to get my hopes up. I've done it too many times before and it broke my heart every time I was wrong. After having a break down earlier in the month due to a combination of things - first and foremost feeling like we would never get help - I refused to go through it again.

Then I was a day late.

Then two days.

Then three.



I started to think, maybe, maybe this is the time. I had been late before, but never this late.

Then the sixth day rolled around and Mother Nature reared her ugly head and said 'Nope! You were wrong yet again!'

My Husband looked at me and commented that maybe we're just not ready yet. I pointed out that there was never a good time to have kids, and if we tried to wait until things in our life were absolutely perfect (Say when we have no debt, better jobs, and a house) it might be too late.

We'll make that appointment for a second opinion, I promised him. And we'll keep trying.


A friend from Halloween Haunt passed away recently. He was a really great guy, always had a smile and a hug for everyone.

He will be missed so much.

While my Husband and I, and so many others, are mourning his passing, it was also a huge wake up call to me. A reminder of if I don't get the PCOS treated, that could be me some day.


It turned out to be harder than I expected to find someone in our medical network who was experienced with this sort of thing and had good reviews. The website for our insurance just says what type of doctor they are - family practice, dermatologist, OBGYN, etc etc etc - if they're male or female, what languages they speak, and that's it.

So I turned to google and started looking for 'PCOS Doctors' and 'Fibroid Doctors' in my area. I stumbled across a group in Newport Beach and automatically decided against it because of their location and the fact that their office resembled a spa. Spa + Newport Beach = Expensive.

The second medical group was closer to my work, but they had a nutritionist. I was afraid that they might insist I need to be on a special diet and not give me any medication. I know I need to loose weight. I know that loosing weight will help with both the fibroids and the PCOS, but it isn't a long term solution. A friend who had PCOS tried dieting for awhile, and it did work at first, but eventually the PCOS symptoms came back. The best plan of attack for PCOS is to diet and take Metformin.

The third doctor seems to be the one. She graduated from medical school about ten years ago, did her residency at UCI specializing in infertility and ridicule pregnancies, and she has 4 out of 5 stars on the 50 plus reviews I found around online. In fact one of the reviews was from a nurse who claims that this is the doctor that she and her other nursing friends go to and send their daughters to. Plus this doctor also a lot closer to home that the other two offices, and her website is filled with information on PCOS and fibroids.

I just need to call her up and make an appointment.

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