Friday, May 31, 2013

The Bodice of Blood and Broken Teeth...

It's been a long time since I've done one of these, but then I haven't had that many finished objects to share until just recently! 

This is the bodice I made for a friend to wear on her first visit to the Renaissance Faire. It's a very lovely piece, made of a soft blue fabric that reminds me of velvet. However, beneath it's 'pet me' exterior, lies a horrible secret; this bodice is secretly a vampire.

A what, you say?

A vampire.

See, this bodice, while very simple and beautiful, claimed so much of blood while I was making it, that I am surprised it isn't stained! I also chipped a tooth while trying to turn it right side out - more proof that it's a vicious beast that cannot be trusted.

I kid. I kid.

However, it did poke me with pins an awful lot when I was making it. So much so that my husband soon grew used to my exclamations of pain whenever another pin found a sensitive part of my fingers. Also, I did chip a tooth while trying to turn it right side out; the fabric was too thick to go through the shoulder straps and got stuck. When I couldn't pry it loose with my fingers, I tried my teeth, and I quickly learned why you don't ever want to do that!

But despite all that, it's a very pretty bodice, and my friend enjoyed it. She also came to absolutely no harm while wearing it. Probably because it took it's frustrations out on me...


  1. Oh God that's some intense sewing :( hopefully your friend appreciates your pain!

    1. We shared a good laugh about it :)