Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WIP Wednesday the Sixty Seventh...

I still haven't had a chance to get more yarn for the baby blanket, so I officially started working on the Ravenclaw Scarf this weekend. Only I forgot to do something before I started to knit...

I forgot to wind the yarn into a ball

It didn't occur to me until I was two rows in that maybe it might be easier if I didn't try to knit the scarf while the yarn was still wrapped up in it's skein. By then it was too late to save the the yarn - it had already wound itself into such a knot that I ended up frogging what I had done and then spent most of Friday night and Sunday undoing the God awful mess. 

Everything is mostly untangled now (once the yarn ball reached a certain size, I snipped the yarn, so now I just have a small knot to deal with) and I re-casted on the scarf Sunday night. I'm 18 rows in and almost done with my first stripe. I just need to remember to wind the yarn before using it and all should be fine!

How is your Work In Progress going?

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