Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WIP Wednesday the Twenty Second

Another week of knitting while on the job because the phones are so dead that there are points where it is 8 minutes in between calls. Which is really nice after all those months of having call after call after call after call.

The Husband's Harry Potter scarf is coming along. I accidentally forgot it at work over the weekend so I haven't made as much progress this week as I wanted. To keep my hands busy I picked up the Gryffindor scarf and started work on that again, and, boy, let me tell you it's an adjustment to go back to knitting in the round after a couple of months of doing nothing but K1P1. Thankfully I didn't have any mishaps, but I had to keep reminding myself not to pull the thread back and forth in between stitches and not to purl.

(Yup, I'm attempting to get on Pottermore while knitting a Harry Potter Scarf. I am a nerd.)

On other fronts the next trip update for our honeymoon was posted here, and I've also been going through an old short story of mine and editing it in the hopes that I can get it done and up on Amazon and Barnes and Noble self publishing websites in time for Halloween. It's proving to be a bit harder than I expected, and I'm beginning to think that maybe I should just redo the whole entire last half of the story. I knew it was lame, that the ending was wrapped up rather abruptly so I could turn it in on time (It was a project for a class in college) but I had forgotten how horrible it really was. Ugh. 

But despite how horrible some bits of it are, there are also some really great lines and images so it's not totally hopeless. I'll be sure to post more information about the ebook when it's ready.


  1. So incredibly jealous that you get to knit at work! The mind boggles. Have fun with the change of pace in the stitches, and good luck with the editing!

  2. The scarf looks great! I really like that color combination.

  3. @Paula - I guess that's one upside to working in a Customer Service Call Center! Honestly, I'm beginning to look forward to when it gets a little busier at work, because I'm beginning to lose my mind from boredom, and knitting can only save it so much!

    @Nothingbutknit2 - Thank you!

  4. Yeah, I think it's a blessing and a curse to have a job like that. I once did phone reservations for our imax theater and it was tough to fill the downtime as you had to do something that you would be okay with if you were interrupted. I remember on really slow days playing memory games with my co-workers though which was a lot of fun!

  5. Is the end in sight for that scarf? You are so lucky to have time at work to knit -- I couldn't get away with that in either of my classes (not that I should). :p

    I would looove to know about the Amazon self-publishing site. . . .