Monday, January 17, 2011

The first post is always the hardest...

Because I never really know where to go with it or what to say!

Season, a friend, is doing a 365 days of projects blog over at Idle Hands. When I was chatting about it with her one day, she suggested that I start my own blog about all the sewing and crocheting I do - so here I am :)

I was introduced to sewing because of my involvement with the So Cal Renn Faire; when you go as frequently as I did back then, you feel kinda weird just showing up in jeans and a shirt - so eventually you'll start to put together your own faire garb to blend in with everyone else. However the problem is that a lot of the garb stores at faire are quite expensive, and, being in between jobs at the time, I didn't have the money to spend on them. Well, either after me pleading, or because she was tired of me complaining, my Mom taught me how to sew, and by the time Faire had ended that year I had made my own chemise and skirts. Then, later that summer I gave bodice making a shot.

I've come a long way since then. My first bodice was made off of a simplicity pattern, and I used a websites alternative adjustments to make it more period. It fit, but the shoulders were a little loose and it didn't offer the support it was supposed to. A few months later I would meet a group of girls (who I work with at Faire now) and they've taught me everything I need to know about making period clothing, and the rest is history.

(only in Vegas could this group walk down the street without any strange looks)

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